Leather Furniture Cleaning

You’ll have clean, supple and soft furnishings…

Leather Cleaning in Shropshire


Lavish your leather with love!

Your quality leather furniture wasn’t cheap to buy, so don’t take risks over its care by using someone who’s going to use little more than DIY products that you could have used yourself.

We have specialist professional products specifically for your type of leather to ensure that we safely clean and then ‘recondition’ your leather furniture to bring it back to life again.

Benefits of Leather Furniture Cleaning & Restoration

  • Extending the life of your leather furnishings
  • Enjoy a Cleaner, Brighter Restored Furnishings
  • Two ‘coats’ of conditioner applied to ensure it’s supple and nourished
  • Feel proud of your clean, bright Leather furniture in your home

How can I tell if my Leather is dirty?

Over time, accidents happen, and leather is susceptible to scuffs, scratches, cuts, fading and other damage. As an owner of leather furniture you are bound to experience some of the common problems associated with this kind of furniture. Oil, grease, dyes, soil, dust, and ink can all mark your leather.

Protect your Leather investment

Many of the cleaning products that are currently on the market aren’t suitable for cleaning leather and may break down leather finishes, promoting dryness and cracking. You can rest assured that all our leather cleaning products are safe and effective.

Maintaining your Leather Furniture in Shropshire

A regular cleaning schedule including professional cleaning once a year is highly recommended.

Between professional cleanings you can always maintain the health and beauty of your leather furniture by cleaning with Chem-Dry® Soft Cleaner and rejuvenating the protection with Chem-Dry® Protection Cream. Both products can be purchased in the Buy Products section of the website.

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