Oriental Rug Cleaning

In Our Rug Spa Your Rugs Receive The Red Carpet Treatment To Restore Their Beauty…


Our local Oriental Rug Cleaning service will give your rugs the most thorough deep cleaning possible – guaranteed.

You can extend the life of your rugs and create a healthier environment for you and your family to enjoy with our expert rug cleaning process. 

We can effectively clean and freshen your dirty rugs, leaving them revitalised and sparkling.

We will make sure that your rug is cleaned thoroughly in a way that doesn’t cause it any damage. We will only use cleaning products which have been tested to be safe on your type of rug fibre content


Benefits of Our Oriental Rug Cleaning…

We’re a locally based expert in Rug Cleaning and one of the few specialists in the UK who offers you all these benefits

  • Richness of bright, vibrant colours restored
  • Flattened Pile lifted, enhancing your rugs texture and appearance
  • Protection treatment to help resist future staining and soiling
  • Embedded coarse grit removed, extending the life of your rug
  • Safe for Children and Pets to crawl on
  • Suitable for virtually all types or rugs
  • Optional Anti-Allergen Treatment for Asthma sufferers

Our Rug Cleaning Process gets YOUR Rug Cleaner…

Rug Pre Inspection

One of our qualified Technicians, who is an expert in rug cleaning, will come to your home and assess your rug.  This is vital to ensure that we use the correct process and products on your valuable rug.  It also allows us, on those very rare occasions, to bring to your attention any potential issues that there may be. We’ll do a number of checks, such as a colourfast tests and possibly even Ph tests if needed.

Dusting / Vacuuming

Various studies have shown that between 60 and 75% of all the soil that is contained in your rug is DRY soil.  That can add up to be a pound of dirt and grit per square foot of your rug.  It’s this dry soil that is making your rug flat, matted and more worryingly, wearing away at the base of the fibres as people walk on your rug due to the abrasive dry soil.  As much of this soiling as possible must be removed before it can be wet cleaned, otherwise it turns to ‘sludge’ which will slowly wick back with use.  We’ll treat both the face and the back of the rug to remove as much dry soil as possible.

Pre-Treatment and Brushing

Having pre-tested stains we’ll apply the appropriate product in an attempt to remove it.  By applying the correct solution and allowing it to settle greatly increases the chances of completely removing the stain.  As many rugs are natural fibre and often unprocessed, nobody can guarantee to remove each and every stain.  Although most stains are no problem we will warn you if some cannot be removed completely when we pre-inspect your rug.

Patented Hot Carbonating Extraction Cleaning

It’s all about fizzing bubbles, just like those in fizzy mineral water.  In fact, the ingredients used in our cleaner “The Natural” have been copied from mother nature, so you can be sure it’s safe.  The best way to explain how carbonation works it to show you in a video.  Please forgive the ‘American style’, but it does clearly show what makes our Patented cleaning process different to the rest, and one of the safest and most effective ways to clean your rug.  Remember, no one else can offer you this carbonating process and all the benefits.

Hand Finish Fringes & Groom the Pile

Once the face of the rug has been thoroughly cleaned we hand finish the fringes.  This involves using a specially designed table and mesh screen to protect your delicate fringe.  We don’t use any harsh Chlorine bleaches.  We use the same carbonating cleaning process to clean, and then apply a solution to reducing potential browning of cotton fringes. After cleaning the pile it needs ‘grooming’ in four directions before it dries.  This ensures it is all ‘stood up’ and laying in the same direction, giving a more even look to the finish. So, it’s all clean, what else do we do?

Co Apply Stain & Soil Resistant Treatment

Our Patented Co application method of applying the carpet protector, during the cleaning process, has many benefits.  It protects deeper into the pile than protectors that are simply sprayed on after cleaning, ensuring deep down protection right to the base. It’s applied hot, which means that it bonds better, lasts longer and resists hot spills better than cold, post applied protectors.  It doesn’t affect the feel or appearance of the fibres, unlike cheaper protectors which can have a tacky finish if over applied.

Hang to Dry

We hang all our rugs to dry in our custom drying room.  Leaving rugs wet for days is what causes most of the problems associated with cleaning.  Unwanted dye bleeding, cellulosic browning, or ‘soap burn’ are just some of the potential problems. By hanging them we can circulate temperature and humidity controlled warm, not hot, air around them to prevent drying issue.  Hanging also ensures a reduced chance of shape change.  Rugs which are just left laying out on the floor to dry don’t have any tension in them. and can dry uneven and buckled, but rugs hung correctly ensure that the rug remains under tension while drying, reducing the risk of shape change.  Rugs we clean in the day will be dry overnight and ready for a final inspection and bagging to return.

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