The Lounge Package

Take care of the key area of your home with this popular package.

By cleaning and protecting the furnishings in your Living Room or Lounge simultaneously, this package offers you the very best way to restore your carpets and upholstery to a nearly like new condition.

Key Benefits

This is our most popular package, and with good reason…

  • Minimal Disruption – work done in just ONE visit.
  • You Choose – ‘Clean and Protect’ or ‘Healthy Home’ service.
  • Fastest Drying – your room usually ready to use again later that same day.
  • 20% OFF* itemised prices.
  • PLUS, Get your Hallway done on the same service for FREE*.
  • AND 10% OFF ANY other areas done on the same visit.

What’s included…

  1. A deep clean to the suite in your main Lounge or Living Room (inc. Sanitiser on Healthy Home service.)
  2. Whilst cleaning we’ll use a Turbo Dryer to start the drying process when each item is finished.
  3. Once the suite has been cleaned we’ll apply the appropriate protector for your type of fabric.
  4. And we’ll use a Turbo dryer on the suite whilst we also…
  5. Deep clean your main Lounge or Living Room carpet (inc. Sanitiser on Healthy Home service.)
  6. During cleaning we will co-apply our unique protection treatment, for thorough deep down lasting protection.  It’s more effective than post applied treatments.
  7. We will also clean your hallway carpet with the same service as the others free of charge.
  8. Once all the cleaning is done, we’ll leave the Turbo Dryer running to assist with drying while we inspect the items with you to ensure you’re delighted.
  9. When we’re assured you’re delighted, we’ll advise you on how best to help the items finish drying as quickly as possible.
  10. We’ll pack away cleaning equipment.
  11. Load the Turbo Dryer.
  12. And finally, we’ll leave you with a clean, bright and fresh smelling Living Room…

Please tell us if you’re interested in this package when you call for a free, no obligation quotation.